What is Choosing Wisely®?

Helping physicians, patients, and other healthcare stakeholders with using evidence-based healthcare resources is a key to strengthening the patient-provider relationship, improve quality of care, and reduce risks. 

Choosing Wisely, an ABIM Foundation and Consumer Reports initiative, is focused on encouraging physicians, patients, and other healthcare stakeholders to think and talk about medical tests and procedures that may be unnecessary, and in some instances can cause harm.  Participating organizations have created lists of "Things Providers and Patients Should Question" which include evidence-based recommendations that should be discussed to help make wise decisions about the most appropriate care based on a patients' individual situation.

A suite of communication education modules is also available to help providers engage in these conversations with their patients, and a growing library of video resources provides diverse perspectives on its impact and challenges.  More than 60 specialty societies have identified over 200 tests/procedures that should be ordered/performed based on need, not default.    

What is the purpose of our activity?

Spread best practices to improve patients and providers using evidence-based resources.

Who is participating in Greater Columbus?

How can your organization get involved?

No-cost resources are available for public-private partners in Greater Columbus

  • Health/Wellness Assistance such as co-branded microsites, consumer materials, and communication tools.

  • Clinical Decision Assistance to incorporate evidence-based guidelines into clinical pathways.

  • Learning from national and regional best practices.

If your organization is interested in exploring co-branded Choosing Wisely® materials, please contact Krista Stock (krista@hcgc.org)

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